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7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda helped a couple disputing a handbag charge.

He's an accountant. She's a psychotherapist. So between the two of them he had the records and she had the mindset to battle this charge. But even though they believed they proved from doormen to delivery they never got the goods, half a year later, they were still on the hook for it.

Etty Bar-Shai would rather fly to France then spend thousands on a Chanel purse. Known as the Timeless Classic Jumbo Flap bag, it goes for nearly $6,000 and was charged on the couple's Chase Sapphire Credit card back in June.

When he got a fraud alert email from Chase asking if he just dropped 6 grand on a purchase, Tzvi Bar-Shai called the bank pronto.

"I said of course it's not mine," said the Riverdale accountant. "I knew we didn't spend $6,000. We hadn't been at Nieman Marcus."

They issued a new card. But months later that same charge reappeared on the new account.

"I called them back and said what's this all about. And they said Neiman Marcus says - it's yours," said Tzvi.

The credit card company said the store had proof the bag was delivered to their house and signed for by him. FedEX served up a delivery signature from June 27th at 10:14 am.

There's just one problem, "10:14 on a Tuesday morning I'm in New Jersey," said Bar-Shai. "That's where I work."

FedEx showed the bag was signed for, but the signature's not even close to how Tzvi signs his name. Plus..."There are no packages for our name that day we contacted the management. Nothing."

They provided the co-op's package manifest, showing no delivery that day, a police report of the fraud, and the fraudster's signature - Bar-Shai says was a forgery. But Chase wouldn't budge.

So the Bar-Shai's asked for help from their local congressman and the New York Attorney General's office, but still couldn't get the charge reversed.

Then they took the advice of a friend. "We put it on Facebook and someone said - call Channel 7."

We went to work, asking Mr Bar-Shai to provide a signed letter from his boss. stating Bar-Shai was at work - not able to sign for the delivery, along with EZ Pass records proving he crossed the Tappan Zee that day.

"I want to say 'bravo' to the service. You're protecting the little person," said the relieved credit card customer.

Within an hour Chase approved their fraud claim, even citing 7 On Your Side as one of the reasons the Bar-Shais were getting $6,000 plus interest back.

The big takeaway - if you experience bank fraud - approach it like a forensic accountant: obtain any and all documentation proving you couldn't have made the purchases. Get signatures - or any proof you weren't where the charges were made.

Always get a police report and remember you have 60 days to report bank fraud or it's on you.

Chase Corporate Statement:

We're glad we resolved this for our customer. We reviewed the case again and determined there was fraud against our customer and us.


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