7 On Your Side helps man after Mustang gets trashed by garbage truck in Brooklyn

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

FORT GREENE, Brooklyn (WABC) -- A New York City man turned to 7 On Your Side for help after finding himself the victim of a hit-and-run by a garbage truck.

It was a backup that went boom and it was all caught on camera: A 20-ton garbage truck smashed right into a Range Rover in Fort Greene -- seconds later a man is seen making a quick check, then the garbage men make a getaway.

"You see the guy get up, he throws up his hands up and he's like oh well, and they leave after that," one of the hit-and-run victims said.

The reversing truck trashed a Range Rover and two other parked cars in a smash-n-dash that left Tony Wright wronged,

"The whole bumper needs to be replaced," Wright said. His Mustang was in the middle and got mushed front and back.

A good Samaritan witnessed the crash and left a note on Wright's windshield explaining a green sanitation truck hit his car and even wrote down the truck's license plate number.

Aside from being witnessed in person, the whole thing was luckily captured on the Corner Bistro's cameras -- complete with the company's name clearly seen on the side of the scurrying scofflaws.

Video shows the truck hitting the Range Rover, which hit the Mustang and then the Mercedes Benz.

Wright said he sent the video to the trash hauling company, 5-Star Carting, but his messages were lost in space. Despite a police report and repeated phone calls -- crickets.

"I get it, stuff happens, people have accidents, it's how they handled it that's infuriating," Wright said. "I want my money! Why should I pay a deductible and have my insurance premium go up?"

It was time for 7 On Your Side to pay an in-person visit to 5-Star Carting, a large trash-hauling operation in Williamsburg, and within a week, we closed the deal for the young realtor.

The rubbish removal company wasted no time, Fed-Exing a check for all the Mustang's repairs: $3,171.

"I'm really happy that they did what they had to do, and of course 7 On Your Side orchestrated that and getting it done!" Wright said. "I've seen your work and what you do, you work quickly to help people!"

5 Star Carting also agreed to pay for a rental car while the Mustang is in for repairs and said both the driver and the helper seen on the tape walking away from the damage may be suspended or terminated, pending review.

Below is the full statement from a spokesperson with GPB Waste:

"Thankfully, no injuries occurred. We operate a fully licensed and insured business. We notified our carrier. Typically, the process takes approximately 4 weeks to complete.

Because Mr. Wright's lease on his vehicle was about to end he wanted to repair his damages ASAP. In order to accommodate his unique circumstances. We went above normal protocol and expedited the process to satisfy his situation.

The driver and helper were disciplined to the fullest extent in accordance with our collective bargaining agreement. Including, but not limited to suspension without pay. The driver and helper will be terminated pending our review of the CBA".



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