Watch 'Operation 7: Save a Life' fire safety special

Sunday, January 26, 2020
Operation 7: Save a Life Part 1
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Watch part one of our annual WABC-TV special, Operation 7: Save a Life.

Bill Ritter hosted our annual WABC-TV special, "Operation 7: Save a Life," to highlight the importance of fire safety, protecting firefighters and protecting you and your loved ones.

We all know how valuable it can be to know CPR but what about being able to stop severe bleeding? We'll take a look at a program called, "Stop the Bleed" that teaches average people how to properly use a tourniquet and keep victims from bleeding out.

Plus, even with preventative measures, fires do break out. We'll hear a first-person account from a resident who was displaced from his home for well over a year when a neighbor's apartment went up in flames. He shares valuable information about what you should know if it happens to you.

Also, the dangers firefighters face are obvious but there's a secret hazard that they are waging war against: Cancer from the carcinogens that are by-products of the fires they fight. FDNY members are at a risk of fourteen times higher than the general population when it comes to getting certain cancers. We'll learn about efforts being made to contain the exposure and see just how our first-responders are being protected by their "turn-out" gear.

We'll visit the NYC Fire Museum and check out some of their prized possessions, meet two dedicated EMT workers who bring a special skill set to their jobs, and hear how actress Anna Faris learned about the hidden dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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