Tips from 7 On Your Side on how to avoid your own furniture delivery debacle

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Thursday, December 15, 2022
How to avoid your own furniture delivery debacle
A great-grandmother on a fixed income tried to get her hard-earned money back from a furniture store 25 times. 7 On Your Side was there to help.

THE BRONX (WABC) -- A great-grandmother on a fixed income tried to get her hard-earned money back 25 times from a furniture dealer.

Elba Pellot says Ami's Discounted Furniture on 111th Street took her cash and never delivered her furniture. That's when she reached out to 7 On Your Side for help.

Pellot saved her money to furnish her new apartment just for seniors in the Bronx.

She said she paid $900 cash on Oct. 3 and has been waiting for the delivery ever since.

"At one point, he says it's in the truck, but the truck broke down," Pellot said.

That was the first red flag of the problem -- there wasn't a delivery date on her receipt.

In both New York and New Jersey, it's required by law for furniture delivery, unless it's a custom-made order.

The next red flag was that Pellot said the merchant requested cash for the couch payment -- specifically nine $100 bills.

A credit card payment will protect you in a dispute like non-delivery of goods or services.

Pellot said she went to the store 25 times over the last two months and the owner said he would "deliver tomorrow."

So, 7 On Your Side went to the store to see about her missing sofa.

"What happened to the furniture? You have to give Ms. Elba back her money. Ms. Elba paid you $900 for the couch you never delivered it," 7 On Your Side said.

"You are looking for the wrong person," the store owner said.

He spoke with 7 On Your Side later by phone, saying he refused Pellot's refund because he has a "no refunds policy."

We pointed out consumer law states customers can get refunds if their furniture doesn't arrive on time. Still, just two days after that call, the store owner delivered the couch to Pellot personally.

Pellot was thankful to 7 On Your Side for the help and plans to invite her friends for a housewarming now that they'll have somewhere to sit.

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