What you need to know about #GetAlarmedNYC campaign

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Get Alarmed NYC
Find out more about the life and safety initiative.

NEW YORK -- When tragedy strikes, a smoke alarm can make all the difference. ABC7 is teaming up with the American Red Cross, FDNY, city of New York and Kidde to give away free smoke alarms as part of the #GetAlarmedNYC campaign.

ABOUT #GetAlarmedNYC:

  • Largest smoke detector giveaway and installation program in the U.S.
  • This historic initiative was spurred by the tragic deaths of seven children last March - all from the same family - in a fire in Midwood, Brooklyn.
  • $4 million fire and life safety initiative made possible by funding and support from the Mayor's Office, NY City Council, FDNY, the Red Cross, the FDNY Foundation and Kidde.
  • Provides free installation/distribution of 100,000 photoelectric combination smoke/carbon monoxide alarms to tens of thousands of city residents over the next two years.
  • Targets communities in all five boroughs that pose the greatest risks from fire, according to FDNY statistics and analysis.
  • Three ways to take advantage of #GetAlarmedNYC (how to get a free smoke/carbon monoxide detector and how to volunteer):
  • Call 311
  • Call 877 RED CROSS
  • Visit www.RedCross.org/GetAlarmedNYC Red Cross volunteers to install these smoke alarms for free via pre-scheduled appointments and large-scale events in targeted communities.

  • The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that nationally, the risk of dying in a home fire is cut in half when there's a working smoke alarm present.
  • In New York City, the FDNY's Bureau of Fire Investigations has determined that up to 70 percent of fire deaths in recent years have occurred in residences where there was no working smoke alarm - either with no alarm present, or missing or dead batteries in a device.
  • On average, 7 people die from a home fire every day in the US; on average, 36 people suffer injuries from home fires every day in the US.

  • The Red Cross knows all too well the impact that home fires can have on our neighbors. Every year across the Greater NY Region, the Red Cross provides emergency relief following approx 2300 local disasters, the vast majority of which are home fires. During this period of time, Red Cross volunteers provided emergency assistance (food, temporary lodging, blankets, clothing, emotional supports and physical healthy assistance) to approx 10,000 New Yorkers.
  • In 2014 the Red Cross launched a national campaign to reduce deaths and injuries from home fires by as much as 25 percent over the next five years across the country. The campaign seeks to increase the use of smoke alarms and to encourage all Americans to practice their fire escape plans.

  • Contact your local Red Cross to find out how to get a free smoke alarm, www.RedCross.org.