Gooseworks: Screen printing on the fly

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Friday, November 4, 2022
Gooseworks gives people designs they love
Gooseworks Screen Printing is all about giving people shirt designs they love. Sometimes the company even gives them away for free.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Gooseworks Screen Printing offers people unique prints with a quick turnaround. Owner Gustavo Gonzalez loved art from a young age and says screen printing was the perfect mix of hands-on work and digital creation.

Gonzalez took a full-time job at a local screen printing shop almost a decade ago, then three-and-half years ago he decided it was time to go out on his own and open Gooseworks in North Houston.

"We like to measure our success with the relationships that weve built with our clients," said Gonzalez. He says one of the best ways the company does that is with free print days where they make a design in the morning, post it on social media during the day, and people come by the shop in the afternoon to get a shirt.

With the Astros post season run, Gonzalez said his clients want Astros themed designs. With Gooseworks flexibility, Gonzalez and his team are able to turn those around quickly.