Coronavirus NY: COVID outbreak could force Greenburgh school district back to remote learning

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Wednesday, December 15, 2021
COVID outbreak could force NY school district back to remote learning
Schools are in session and in-person in Greenburgh, but the question is, for how much longer? Marcus Solis has an update.

GREENBURGH, Westchester County (WABC) -- Schools are in session and in-person in Greenburgh, but the question is, for how much longer?

The school district has experienced a dramatic jump in the number of COVID cases recently.

Eighteen percent of the student body is now under quarantine, either because of a positive case, or exposure to someone who is infected.

Beverly Figueroa's son is home after a possible exposure on a school bus.

"I know the kids wear the masks, they social distance, my son is doing fine luckily, but I know there's a lot of kids out right now. That's a little concerning," Figueroa said.

As of last Friday, 263 of Greenburgh's 1,600 students are out and 33 teachers and staff members are also quarantined.

In a video message to parents, the superintendent says the district is considering switching to remote instruction either before the Christmas break next week or the week after the holidays.

"We do want our faculty, staff, and families to have the opportunity to prepare should we need to do so," school superintendent Linda Iverson said in a recorded message.

The superintendent says the numbers could increase further the district has scheduled an on-site vaccination clinic with the county department of health in January.

But some parents, like Taryn Callahan whose son has special needs, fear a long term disruption.

"You get a kid who's got a 12:1:2 classroom, occupational therapy three times a week, physical therapy one time a week, speech therapy six times a week and you put him in front of an iPad. A bad combination," Callahan said.

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