'Groundhog Day' cast reunites in Chicago, city proclaims Feb. 2 as 'Harold Ramis Day'

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Monday, February 5, 2024
'Groundhog Day' cast reunites in Chicago to honor Harold Ramis
As "Harold Ramis Day" was proclaimed on Feb. 2 in Chicago, the cast of "Groundhog Day" reunited at Harry Caray's Navy Pier to honor the late actor.

CHICAGO -- Some of the cast of the "Groundhog Day' movie reunited Friday to mark "Harold Ramis Day" in Chicago.

Meanwhile, Woodstock Willie made his annual Groundhog Day prediction. Woodstock was where the movie "Groundhog Day" was filmed.

The cast got together for an event at the Harry Caray's on Navy Pier to honor actor, writer and director Harold Ramis.

"It's a blast," actor David Pasquesi said. "Really fun to see everybody, and of course the reason we're here is pretty wonderful too."

The classic movie was released 31 years ago, and some of the cast members haven't seen each other since then. Ramis directed and co-wrote the movie.

"Just being funny and laughing again," actress Robin Duke said. "There's no better laugh than when you're around these people."

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City leaders were there to make the day official, a fact not lost on Bill Murray.

"It's good to get something official from the city," Murray said. "Sometimes you get a break on parking tickets. We'll see what happens."

Ramis died 10 years ago. The native Chicagoan was also a partner in the Harry Caray's Navy Pier, which has a large collection of his movie memorabilia.

"He was a genius," said Grant DePorter with Harry Caray's. "All these movies... the biggest of their time."

The cast members were joined by his widow, Erica Mann Ramis, who said "Groundhog Day" was one of his favorites.

"He loved the humanity of it," she said. "He loved the notion that you could finally get out of yourself and learn to actually love someone."

According to a city proclamation, Feb. 2 is now Harold Ramis day in Chicago. True to the movie, Groundhog Day every Feb. 2 going forward will also be known as "Harold Ramis Day."

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