Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders make final pushes ahead of New York primary

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Democrats make final push ahead of New York primary
Josh Einiger reports from Long Island City.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- It's been a long slog these past few weeks with the New York primary playing a decisive role in presidential politics for the first time in decades.

And at the end of a picture perfect day on the Queens riverfront, Bernie Sanders' supporters were hoping the sun wasn't setting on their hopes.

"When people stand together with a vision with determination there is nothing that we cannot accomplish," Sanders said.

Sanders's final major rally before New Yorkers finally vote Tuesday capped a day of feverish campaigning by the senator from Vermont, still behind Hillary Clinton in the polls by double digits, with his pathways to victory narrowing even further.

"I'm voting for Hillary!" a voter said.

To secure the nomination, if he loses in New York by 10 points, Sanders will need to win 80% of remaining delegates.

And in New York first time voters, one of his most reliable blocs, needed to register weeks ago.

Anna Cuffee missed that deadline.

"I'm very bummed especially with now that Donald Trump is in the running and we have somebody like Bernie Sanders," Cuffee said.

"Cheers! To victory tomorrow!" Hillary Clinton said.

As for Clinton, Monday she made eight campaign stops in her fight to avoid an embarrassing defeat in her adopted home state, the state she served for eight years as senator.

"I am hoping to do really well tomorrow, I am hoping to wrap up the democratic nomination," Clinton said.

Monday night with her husband former President Bill Clinton, she stopped at a fundraiser for her Irish American supporters before heading home to Chappaqua, where she'll cast a ballot for herself first thing in the morning.