Up, Up and Away: Soar across scenic Coachella Valley in a hot air balloon

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Friday, January 14, 2022
Up, Up and Away: Soar across the Coachella Valley
Greater Palm Springs' Fantasy Balloon Flights gives a drone's eye view of the calm and vibrant desert valleyTake a hot air balloon ride with Greater Palm Springs' Fantasy Balloon Flights to get a drone's eye view of the calm and vibrant Coachella Valley.

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. -- Known for its beautiful sunshine and entertainment, the Coachella Valley is giving travelers one more reason to escape.

Hot air ballooning showcases a spectacular show of Mother Earth's vast desert canvas from new heights.

"It's just a beautiful, beautiful flight," said Steve Wilkinson, co-owner and pilot of Fantasy Balloon Flights. "We can see the Salton Sea at the end of the valley and the windmills at the beginning."

As a commercial balloon pilot for more than 40 years with 6,700 flights under his belt, Wilkinson says every launch is a new experience.

"The winds change, the directions change, and your passengers change," he added.

Wilkinson takes pride in sharing his breathtaking views from above to countless first-time adventures.

"It feels like you're floating - like clouds," said Gladys Sim-Avergonzado, who experienced her very first hot air balloon ride.

"When you start to take off, you feel that - kind of like going up an elevator shaft," said Darrel Kammeyer, the vice president of marketing for Agua Caliente Casinos.

"You're a human drone; that's the only way I can explain it," said passenger Susan Kammeyer.

Wilkinson says ballooning in the valley is like three-dimensioning sailing.

"You don't feel up, down, forward or back," he described. "It's quiet; it's peaceful."

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