Woman in Houston chases cat on a highway

Jessica Willey Image
Friday, August 26, 2016
Woman spotted chasing cat on Sam Houston Tollway
A feline on the freeway caused quite a frenzy for tollroad officials on Thursday.

HARRIS COUNTY -- A feline on the freeway caused quite a frenzy and tollroad officials say it's an example of what not to do if you see an animal in traffic.

The Harris County Tollroad Authority (HCTRA) released video of the cat chase from Tuesday as a safety warning. It shows an unidentified woman out of her car and trying to trap the animal on the Sam Houston Tollway at Westview, seemingly unaware of the danger around her.

By the look of her hand gesture, drivers weren't happy.

A HCTRA Incident Response team and a deputy constable responded. With their help, the woman was able to rescue the cat safely.

HCTRA says traffic hazards involving animals are common problems, but it's how you handle it that's most important.

"It's not safe to be on a major roadway out of you vehicle," said Calvin Harvey, HCTRA Incident Command Administrator. "It's better us handling it than someone risking their own lives doing it."

HCTRA has crews trained and equipped to catch animals. Motorists who spot animals on the roadway are encouraged to contact Incident Response at 281-584-7500 for assistance.