How to get reimbursed for spoiled food, medication during Isaias power outage

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020
How to get power companies to pay up after Isaias outages
Nina Pineda has tips on how to get reimbursed for food or medications that went bad during the widespread power outages.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- As thousands across the Tri-State are still waiting for their power to be restored after Tropical Storm Isaias, 7 On Your Side has tips on how to get power companies to pay up for food that went to waste.

The Tri-State area is in the midst of another heat wave, this as over 300,000 residents and businesses remain without electricity after last week's tropical storm.

People with once-stocked, but now rotting pandemic fridges and freezers will get some compensation, depending on who their power company is.

Con Edison is offering reimbursement of more than $500 worth of food and medication for customers who lost power for more than 48 hours due to Isaias.

Residents can file a claim of up to $540 for spoiled food. For claims up to $235, an itemized list of spoiled items must be provided. A claim for food above $235 must also include proof of loss, such as a receipt, credit card receipt or photos of the spoiled items.

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Medication that was spoiled due to a lack of refrigeration can also be claimed separately from the $540 food maximum. Claims must include an itemized list and proof of loss, such as a pharmacy prescription label or a receipt identifying the medication.

Business owners with ConEd may be eligible to claim losses of up to $10,700.

Power companies generally do not pay claims for losses when outages result from natural disasters, in that case, your homeowners insurance may cover you.

But experts warn you will have to pay your deductible and the claim may cause your rates to go up.

The big takeaway is to file your claim right away -- you typically have 30 days. Take photos to back up your losses before you throw away your food and submit your receipts. If you don't have them, use a bank statement or credit card bill.



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