CUTE VIDEO: Sassy little girl tells off Gaston at Disney World

ByLA Blake WABC logo
Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Who can break it to Gaston--the ultra-manly false hero of "Beauty and the Beast"--that he won't be marrying the heroine, Belle?

This little girl can, and she does it with a big side of sass.

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The man portraying Gaston at Disney World immediately takes to the girl whose name is similar to Belle ("Isa-bell-a," she corrects him.)

As he shuffles through Isabella's autograph book, she wastes no time in pointing out that the Beast--his rival--is her favorite character.

Insulted, Gaston tries to get the young girl on his side, explaining that he is the most handsome man in town.

Her comeback is so straightforward it's downright frank: "The Beast is marrying Belle!"

Their banter continues for another couple of minutes as the little girl wears the character down. At one point Isabella shouts with all her might, "The Beast is gonna beat you!"

Still in character, Gaston resorts to "Make me a sandwich" jokes, digging his own hole by backing up Isabella's claim that Belle will "never ever ever" marry him.

Isabella walks away to the applause of the crowd, and Gaston stands there in shock. He finally says, "I've been outdone by a girl. A small girl."

The uploader of the video explained that Isabella's mom gave permission for the sweet moment to be uploaded. Her adorable reprimanding now has more than 2 million views.

Let's hope Isabella makes it back to Disney World soon so she can put more bad guys in their place.