Bronx 'Zombie Land' rally held to halt sale of K2 synthetic marijuana

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Monday, July 23, 2018
Bronx 'Zombie Land' rally held to halt sale of K2 synthetic marijuana
Michelle Charlesworth reports on the protests against selling K-2 in the Bronx.

OLINVILLE, The Bronx (WABC) -- A rally against synthetic marijuana was held in the Bronx Monday, with activists, clergy and lawmakers joining forces to call on merchants to stop selling so-called K2.

Protesters call the whole area in Williamsbridge "Zombie Land" because of all the K2 drug users who they say stumble around, act paranoid, fall asleep, and are catatonic and seem unable to move. They also allegedly use any place outside in the neighborhood as a toilet.

The demonstrators called the situation disgusting, terrifying for children, and unacceptable. They want to shut down all of the stores that have been selling synthetic marijuana, which is illegal.

"Right here, where we stand, for those of you don't know, has become Zombie Land," City Councilman Andy King said. "From Gun Hill Road to 216th Street to 219th Street, we have a number of people who are using the drug K2, a synthetic, whatever that's called. I don't call it marijuana because marijuana, as I was known, as something that grows up from the ground. What was created in a lab is not marijuana. It is a chemical substance that people are putting in their bodies that are causing them to misbehave, go into the zombie world, and, more important, just become dysfunctional human beings."

The protest was pulled together by King, along with state leaders, business owners and parents who live in the area. They say it's unacceptable, and they want action to shut down stores that sell the dangerous substance.

King is proposing a bill that would fine landlords $100,000 if a store in one of their buildings sells K2.


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