Look Up! Project inspires trauma injury patients through art

ByBeccah Hendrickson via Localish logo
Friday, July 1, 2022
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Project participants decorate ceiling tiles with inspirational messages, giving patients something fun to do as they recover and a chance to improve their motor and cognitive skills through art.

PHILADELPHIA -- Julie Nolan is an art therapist at Jefferson Health Magee, a Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia that helps people recovering from traumatic injuries.

Knowing that the patients spend a lot of time on their backs for therapy, Nolan had the idea to start painting ceiling tiles with inspirational messages so patients had something bright and encouraging to look at while doing their exercises.

The "Look Up! Project" allows the patients to work together on the masterpieces together.

It gives them something fun to do while also improving their motor skills and cognition through art therapy.

The hospital is now filled with brightly colored, inspirational ceiling tiles, thanks to the project!