Egg-cellent Insta-worthy pop up for the ultimate egg-venture

MANHATTAN, New York (WABC) -- The world's beloved breakfast food found a new home in New York City. The Egg House features an immersive installation and multi-sensory egg-perience. It is created to share the universal love of eggs and provide a momentary escape from the city.

The Egg House pop up features the story of Ellis the Egg, with life sized rooms, including The Foyer, The Kitchen, The Hallway, The Pool and The Garden. Imagine an egg who lives a normal life as someone on the Lower East Side would, it falls asleep one afternoon and guests are invited to explore his "house."

First, step into the foyer to interact with a sunny surprise and experience sunny side up eggs. Then continue into Ellis' kitchen for a life-size egg carton where you can play with giant eggs.

Dive into the pool filled with caviar-shaped balls - but the last one in is a rotten egg! Enter Ellis' garden for an egg-cellent swing and a balloon wall to snap your best Instagram picture. A secret room wraps the whole exhibit up with a speakeasy surprise.

The Egg House incorporates sound, smell and other surprising elements into the 3,300 square feet space. The team collaborated with a neighborhood favorite breakfast spot, Egg shop, on a few egg treats.

Ready to roll? You can visit The Egg House in the Lower East Side - now open through June 27th. So get egg-cited!
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