Bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami was shot 7 times in Linden shootout, authorities say

NEW YORK (WABC) -- The suspect in the New York City and New Jersey bombings, 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami, was shot seven times in the shootout leading to his capture in Linden, including at least once in an artery, authorities disclosed Thursday.

He remains unconscious and intubated at University Hospital in Newark.

Rahimi is in critical but stable condition and is still expected to survive. Because of his condition, he has not been cleared by doctors to talk to law enforcement.

Nearly a dozen shots were fired by law enforcement during his apprehension.

His wife returned to the U.S. Wednesday night, accompanied by a government agent on a commercial flight, and is being interviewed by investigators. She is not considered a suspect and is not in custody.

She has been cooperative "to a certain degree," authorities say.

She voluntarily went to federal agents in the United Arab Emirates after she was flagged on a no fly list. She gave them a statement there before her return last night.

Meanwhile, Eyewitness News reporter Darla Miles talked with Rahimi's father, who said Rahimi's wife is still in federal custody:

He also explained the burn marks in Rahami's backyard in Linden, New Jersey:

The NYPD has received a few tips on the two witnesses who picked up the suitcase containing the unexploded pressure cooker at West 27th Street in Chelsea, but nothing has been deemed a verifiable lead at this point.

The NYPD believes the two men stumbled upon the suitcase, based on surveillance video they have recovered on West 27th street.

A person who has seen the video of the men picking up the pressure cooker said the two men were walking and talking on West 27th Street. One man stopped to look at the suitcase, while the other kept walking. The other realized his friend has stopped and walked back. This has the appearance of stumbling on something -- not looking for something. They took the pressure cooker out in a violent manner, left it on the street and walked away with the suitcase.

Regarding where Rahami allegedly built the bombs, investigators said there were a couple of potential locations. They do not currently believe there was a single "bomb factory."
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