New park in Scarsdale requires residents to pay for bathroom key, others denied access

SCARSDALE, New York (WABC) -- There are playgrounds, and then there are amazing playgrounds with zip lines for kids, beautiful new basketball courts, and fancy swings.

The Hyatt Park in Scarsdale has it all.

It even has a bathroom.

Except just one thing, the bathrooms require a $5 key fob and you must be a Scarsdale resident to buy one.

That last part is not going over so well with outsiders.

"I can't even pay to just to borrow a bathroom? Oh wow that's embarrassing. No that's absolutely ridiculous," said Andrew Brey, a Harrison resident.

"Then I got to put my kid on the ground and change her. That's a little frustrating," said Erica Prestwood, a Harrison resident.

In fact, this policy has some so upset that they're taken out their anger on the bathrooms.

There used to be a sign stating the rules, but that's been torn down, and the women's room has been broken into.

Ironically the village manager tells Eyewitness News vandalism is one of the reasons they did this.

Plus residents had concerns of loitering, and because little league softball and soccer games often play at night.

Controlling access to the bathroom is a safety issue.

The Scarsdale teams share their key with visiting teams.

One Scarsdale resident at first was unsure what to make of it all, but after hearing the reasons, "They wouldn't want people loitering around and stuff, so I guess it's a good idea. If somebody snuck in there during the day and wanted to hang out or whatever you wouldn't know they're in there," said Jerry Drohan, a Scarsdale resident.

Lots of Eastchester residents remain frustrated.

One woman lives just a few blocks away and she says there has to be a better way.

"I think it would be nice to offer to the Eastchester residents a way to get the key. I'd be willing to pay certainly even if it was a little more I really would. I think that would be a good compromise," said Virginia Joaquin, an Eastchester resident.

Speaking of compromise, the village manager says one may be in the works.

He says this was not an attempt to exclude anyone, so they are considering allowing access to all during the day and requiring a key at night.
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