6-year-old gunshot victim gets first pick at 'Toys for Tots' in Newark

NEWARK, New Jersey (WABC) -- Nicholas Benjamin was able to be a normal kid today. The 6-year-old is still recovering from a horrific gunshot wound in July that severed his intestines.

He has made a full physical comback, but has been through surgeries, colostomy bags, and weeks in the hospital.

It has been very hard and many days, his mother Kyna, was not sure she would see Christmas with him.

Nicholas had been walking home with his sister from the park when it happened.

Friday, Newark Fire and Police, together with the Mayor, and Santa Claus, announced, with Nicholas' help, that 40,000 donated "Toys for Tots" would go to deserving, underprivileged kids.

They stopped at shopping centers, in front of apartment buildings, and on street corners.

So many children have been smiling all day, able to pick out a few toys themselves, and so happy to have the chance.

Little 6-year-old Nicholas was thinking about his mom and disabled twin brother Nathan, and told Eyewitness News that he wants a "red car" so that his mom can find work in medical sales and get him and his brother to the doctor.

Newark Police are aware of her many challenges and say they are working to ease her burdens, including finding her transportation and a wheelchair accessible apartment.

But for now, it was all about simple pleasures, toys, kids and Christmas, a little early.
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