Wisconsin man's Nintendo game collection sells for $20,000

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Thursday, August 17, 2017
Man's entire video game collection sells for $20K
Man's entire video game collection sells for $20K

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin -- For Charles Amble, the sale of his 750-game Nintendo collection this week can be considered similarly to the final level of Super Mario.

Amble parted with hundreds of Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64 cartridges that he collected over the years, fetching $20,000.

He says he slowly collected the games in his childhood, but it wasn't until about 10 years ago that he ramped up the rate in which he took in his games.

"I'd say most of my collection came from garage sales and Goodwill finds and auctions. Stuff like that," Amble told TV station WISN.

Every game occupied an upstairs room of his home. He decided to part with the games, noticing that video game collecting had taken off as a trend in recent years.

"The hobby really has started booming in the last five or six years," Amble said. "So it seemed like a good time to sell."

On eBay, Amble originally asked for $30,000 for the entire collection. He was able to cut a deal with a buyer in Ohio for less than that.

Not everything from the collection went away. A few games were left behind and a Super Mario sign remained as a reminder of his gaming pursuit.

"I just always been a big fan of Super Mario Brothers," Amble said.