New Yorkers are complaining about noise more than anything else

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- New Yorkers have a lot to complain about it and for good reason. It has been a long five months. First, it was illegal fireworks, then looting but right now there's something New Yorkers are complaining about more than anything else - noise.

"It literally sounds like a disco in your living room," said Myrna Calderon, who is one of many people who said loud noise is affecting her quality of life.

7 On Your Side Investigates found more people are complaining to the city's 311 service about noise than ever before. Especially, from music and street parties.

The first big spike in noise complaints started in April, a month after the pandemic started. However, there was a huge increase in June of about 107,000 complaints. That's almost double the number of complaints compared to the same time last year.

To see the spike in complaints, click here.

7 On Your Side found the biggest increase in noise complaints coming from people who live in the Bronx. It's an increase of more than 30 percent.

"It's becoming really unbearable," said Rachel Miller-Bradshaw of the Fordham Hill Owners Corporation.

With most indoor activities prohibited, more people are bringing the noise and the parties outside. And more people are shooting cell phone video of people playing music and gathering in crowds.

"It has just exploded," said Victor Saldana with the Cedar Avenue Block Association. He has filed more than 100 noise complaints himself so far this summer.

"We get the loud bass that makes vibrations in our house, music is one thing, then the bass, boom boom boom," he said.

Cars equipped with boom boxes are a major culprit behind the complaints.

"It's usually ten cars lined up and they're competing to see who has the best music," said Saldana.

Neighbors file complaints with 311 but say little happens when it comes to turning the music down for good. The complaints either get closed out quickly, or the music is turned down briefly when officers arrive.

"They're responsive to us. They come and chase them away and as soon as they're gone there's another car to take its place," said Calderon.

It's a growing pandemic problem at a time when there's one thing everyone wants - a good night's sleep.

"Hopefully for the rest of the summer we're more proactive and get the cops to actually issue summons and take away speakers because these people are breaking the law," said Saldana.

Some of the neighborhood associations are partnering up and trying to form a noise task force putting citizens on patrol to help police identify where the noise is coming from and to help turn down the volume.

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