Cowboy on horse who snarled traffic on Outerbridge Crossing arrested

Thursday, June 30, 2016
(Ryan Joseph / Twitter: @calvs88)
Ryan Joseph / Twitter: @calvs88

NEW YORK -- New York City police have arrested an 80-year-old man who gained national fame by riding his horse around the country saying he was a cowboy helping hungry children.

Police say Tod "Doc" Mishler was taken into custody Thursday, three days after riding across the Outerbridge Crossing linking New Jersey with Staten Island.

A police spokeswoman says he was given a ticket for a desk appearance.

Police say the horses had open sores and were suffering from dehydration and malnutrition.

Animal advocate Christine Whaley leads a group called "Stop Doc Mishler," whose members say Mishler neglects his horses.

His two horses were seized Tuesday for veterinary examinations.

On Monday, Mishler was issued a court summons for blocking traffic and trespassing after he rode one horse and led another across the bridge. He couldn't be reached for comment Thursday.