Single mom creates furniture company 'Oak & Heir': She's the 'Oak,' son is the 'Heir'

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Friday, March 18, 2022
Single mom creates 'Oak & Heir' furniture company
Oak & Heir reinvents antique furniture and family heirlooms. It's founder, Chanelle Moragne, is also reinventing herself as business owner who is also a single mom.

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill -- What does it take to build your own furniture company while also building character in your young son? Lots of grit, lots of commitment.

Just ask Chanelle Moragne, founder of Oak & Heir and proud mom of a precocious 7-year-old son!

Chanelle launched her custom furniture and refinishing company, Oak & Heir, after realizing her corporate job didn't give her the freedom to be with her son when he needed her.

In her Elk Grove Village shop, Chanelle and team create custom pieces and can also "bring a little love" to family heirlooms. She believes that "building something custom or refinishing furniture that can be passed down from generation to generation is important."

The team at Oak & Heir have created and or refinished dining room tables, coffee tables, bedroom sets, chairs, buffets. She believes what makes Oak & Heir special is her attention to detail and the passion she gives to her clients. One of those clients describes her work on a dining room table as "an art piece that you get to sit and appreciate."

Chanelle's friends describe her as a wonderful human being, a tenacious entrepreneur and a great mother. It's the mother part of the equations that makes Chanelle shine more than her furniture. Running a business and being a single mom are no easy tasks. She says that single mothers have this weight of "having to be our best all the time."

Nonetheless, Chanelle says her greatest treasure is her son Peyton and that she wouldn't be where she is today without him.

The name Oak and Heir comes from the fact that Chanelle is an Oak Park native and the Heir is her precious son Peyton. Will Peyton carry on his mom's furniture business? Peyton considers the possibility but confesses he might have to miss going to the shop sometimes to play soccer.

If you have any questions about creating custom furniture or refinishing furniture you can contact Chanelle at Oak & Heir: or call her at (773)732-6516.

You can also find Oak and Heir online here:

Instagram: @OakandHeir

Facebook: Oak and Heir