Athlete battling Parkinson's disease sets 2 world records

ByJustyna Syska Localish logo
Thursday, June 2, 2022
Athlete battling Parkinson's disease sets 2 world records
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Husband, father and elite athlete, Jimmy Choi, has set not one but two Guinness world records, and has made it his mission to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson's disease.

CHICAGO -- Nothing stands in the way of American Ninja Warrior athlete Jimmy Choi, not even Parkinson's disease.

Choi was diagnosed at just 27, which left him in a depressive state for years. It wasn't until he took a fall down the stairs, only to look up to faces of fear from his wife and young kids, that he decided to make major changes for his health and life.

He started small, just taking walks around the block, but those walks turned into jogs and those turned into runs.

Now, Choi has run in over 100 half marathons, 16 marathons, an ultra-marathon and many more athletic feats.

Choi has also set not one, but two, Guinness world records: chest-to-ground burpees in one minute and chest-to-ground plyometric lateral push-ups in one minute.

He says his greatest accomplishment has been his and his wife's advocacy work in researching Parkinson's cures, including raising over $700,000.

Choi says he will always continue pushing himself and being a voice for others in the Parkinson's community.