Paws and Affection helps match service dogs with children with disabilities

ByBeccah Hendrickson Localish logo
Friday, June 24, 2022
These service dogs help kids with disabilities
A Pennsylvania non-profit is helping get service dogs to kids with disabilities.Paws and Affection in Narberth, Pennsylvania is helping get service dogs to kids with disabilities, namely, anxiety.

NARBERTH, Pa. -- Paws and Affection is a non-profit that trains puppies to become service dogs to work with kids with disabilities.

The organization has matched 31 dogs to kids over the past eight years.

The dogs are trained to recognize the symptoms of anxiety and help kids cope with them.

For example, if the dog is sensing a child is anxious, the pup may come cuddle up with the child.

The dogs may go to an individual child, or to an entire school, as is the case with Scoop, a golden retriever that helps kids at AIM Academy, a school for children with learning-based disabilities.