Playland 707 hits the mark with action packed, outdoor fun

ByChris Bollini Localish logo
Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Playland 707 brings outdoor adventure fun to all ages
Petaluma's Playland 707 has paintball, laser tag, airsoft, nerf and gelly ball fun for all ages.Petaluma's Playland 707 has been providing outdoor adventure fun for almost a decade.

PETALUMA, Calif. -- Petaluma's Playland 707 has been providing outdoor adventure fun for almost a decade.

"Our goal here is to have like a fun adventure park for all ages," Playland 707 owner Ryan Podesta explains, "Let kids be kids. Adults be kids. Everyone gets to play together."

Playland 707 offers paintball, airsoft, laser tag, nerf, and gelly ball. According to Podesta, Playland also offers each kid a place to grow as a person.

"It gives the kids a lot of confidence. It gives them a lot of interpersonal skills," Podesta shares, "It gets them off the couch, gets them off video games."

"It's definitely a workout. It's a big mental challenge as well," young paintball player Charlie reveals. "You feel older, you feel more mature doing it."

"What I like about paintball is mostly the adrenaline," paintball player Evan declares. "You just hear shots all around you."

"Don't believe the stories of your older brother that got shot in the leg with a paintball gun like 20 years ago because it doesn't hurt like that," Podesta adds. "You're going to be okay."

Podesta, a professional paintball player, opened Playland 707 to share the sport with everyone. Podesta also coaches both a youth and adult team.

"I do it for them, to watch my son play, to watch his friends play, to watch the guys that are my friends compete," Podesta says with a smile. "To see them do something that they love to do and then celebrate in their success is really rewarding."

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