NYPD Commissioner on Pokemon Go: 'One of the stupidest' crazes

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Thursday, July 14, 2016
NYPD's Bratton talks about Pokemon Go
NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton talks about the Pokemon Go craze during a news conference.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- New York City's police commissioner didn't mince words when it comes the hysteria regarding Pokemon Go, the augmented reality mobile app that has people wandering the streets, eyes buried in their phones, searching for animated characters.

"That craze is one of the stupidest ones that I've seen," top cop William Bratton said. "Don't understand it, don't intend to understand it. Has no appeal to me."

The game, from Nintendo, has been dominating the news lately, with headlines ranging from a player being the victim of a robbery to another who was struck by a car, to a side business for a Lyft driver and two players who helped catch an attempted murder suspect. Then there's the woman who found a dead body under a bridge and a pizzeria that saw a 75 percent uptick in business after purchasing a character to be found inside the store.

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"I haven't the faintest interest in that stupid craze," Bratton said. "I don't understand it. Too many people have been watching the zombie shows, and basically seem to be fascinated with making themselves walking zombies on Pokemon."

He compared the risk and danger people are putting themselves in to buying items off Craigslist.

"The constant peering down at their devices as they walk around looking for, I guess it's Pokemon they are looking for, it's like looking for the tooth fairy I guess," he said. "They put themselves also at risk of accidents, etc."

He went on to say call the app a time waster, and one that he's shocked people would be interested in.

"Again, go figure, in terms of things people want to occupy their time with," he said. "I don't intend to occupy much of my time, other than the 30 seconds I just spent answering (this) question."