Polar Vortex to bring a March-like feel to the weekend

Some places could see snowflakes on Saturday
NEW YORK (WABC) -- After being absent all winter, a piece of the polar vortex will bring an unusually late taste of winter to the Tri-State area this weekend.

A cold snap more fitting for March than May will push into the New York area Friday into Saturday, bringing cold winds, damaging frosts and freezes, and some snow in the higher elevations.

Snow has fallen and even accumulated in past Mays, but it's still a rare phenomenon.

Another unusual event could occur with lake-effect snow on Saturday. Usually during May, the water is too cold and the air not cold enough, but this year only a fraction of the Great Lakes is covered by ice and the air is going to be cold enough.

Those snow showers could reach parts of the Tri-State area.

For most of us, cold will be the story, especially at night. Temperature will dip into the 30s on Friday and Saturday nights.

It's a good idea to cover warm weather plants or bring potted plants indoors until the cold pattern eases.


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