Futuristic sports exhibit in Brooklyn allows you to be active, embrace art

WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn (WABC) -- There's now an exhibit that merges sports, culture and art -- all into one space.

Future of Sports in Brooklyn is comprised of seven rooms with futuristic backdrops that help motivate and challenge your fitness through exercise.

"It challenges you to move and to be fit and healthy," Future of Sports founder Nicole Pinedo said. "It also forces you to put your phone down, in an organic way. We don't want this to become another Instagram backdrop."

The experience starts in a dark locker room where you can store your belongings. There, you'll find glow-in-the-dark tennis rackets and balls in the lockers.

Room two features a basketball court with multiple monochrome hoops surrounded by a diffusion of yellow and orange-colored walls. Participants are able to compete in a shooting challenge to see who makes the most baskets first.

Similar to wall ball, the tennis room allows you to play against yourself by hitting the ball against the wall with the net being in front of you - the other half of the court is painted on the wall.

Instructors lead workout programs in the cycling and boxing rooms. The cycling room features mirrors in every direction and a bright neon-lit ceiling resembling what looks like satellite signals being sent out to outer space, while the boxing room makes you feel like you're in an episode of Netflix's "Stranger Things," with its lightning bolts and fiery purple, orange and pink backdrop.

Pinedo said her favorite is the soccer room because of her father, who played on the Bolivian National Team during the 1994 World Cup. The room allows you to compete in one-on-one play on a small white-colored turf field.

Her passion for sports matched her love for art, design and fashion. This is how she came with the idea of the installation, and its goal to bring communities together and inspire them to do better.

"Sport is a language that everybody can understand, whether you're two-years-old or 80, or you're from Brazil or China," Pinedo said. "I think it's something that is a worldwide message and I think that it's a platform I want use to change the world."

Future of Sports is located at 61 North Ninth St. in Williamsburg and will run through Jan. 6.

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