Tips for success with the viral 'no-spend challenge' to help save your money

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Friday, June 21, 2024
Tips for success with the viral 'no-spend challenge'
Nina Pineda has tips for saving money this month.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Most of us are trying to save money but it's so hard!

A viral trend may be making it easier, though.

It's called "The no-spend challenge" and it's taken off.

Instead of getting you to buy stuff, influencers are encouraging you to spend nothing.

Some people are doing it for an entire year, imagine, or a month a week, even daring each other to get through a day.

The challenge is to make a commitment not to spend any money on anything new, and to stop unnecessary spending.

A growing number of participants are sharing how they set their own rules.

Obviously, you have to pay your bills like your phone, utilities rent, etc.

Then, make a list tailored to what you are not going to spend your money on, like no new clothes, no new makeup, or shoes.

Some are taking the challenge of saying no to coffee or restaurants and committing to eating only at home.

One woman said she saved $200 a week just by not going out to eat.

There are free downloadable trackers to help you on your journey.

Start with one day and color it green if you make it through the entire day without spending any money.

No Apple Pay, no Amazon, no online shopping from your phone, and no going in stores, then mark it red for the days you do spend.

Experts say this reward system is a good visual, especially for families and kids to compete with each other.

Tips for success include: Starting small and starting on your own or your kid's own closets. Pull out everything. As for makeup and skincare, try to use what you have first before buying anything new.

Go shopping in your closet!

You can resell, upcycle, or use ThredUp to sell your clothing, shoes, and accessories you no longer want.

Depop, Postmark, there are a number of websites which all work a little differently and some will pick up your items, or send you a bag to ship them off.

They'll be evaluated, you'll get an estimate you can either take or turn down.

Turn your closet into cash.

Some of the sites have you post your item and sell it to the highest bidder then you ship it off to your buyer.

Some tips on these sites are the more you list, and the more quality, designer items you showcase the better.

Buyers want to see you've bought and sold a lot with good customer reviews.

But it's a great way to get some free money for stuff just collecting dust in a drawer.

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