From PR exec to 'Proudly Serving' burgers in Redondo Beach

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Tuesday, August 10, 2021
From PR exec to 'Proudly Serving' burgers
A SoCal man flipped his career during the pandemic going from running a PR agency to starting a burger pop-up.

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. -- Before the pandemic, Matthew McIvor ran a PR agency representing restaurants and hospitality clients.

But when COVID hit and restaurants started closing, McIvor's clients dwindled.

"It was successful, but when COVID hit 90% of our clients left," said McIvor.

With his free time, he started cooking burgers at home and handing them out to his neighbors.

"I just jumped on local Facebook groups, the Nextdoor app, and found people in the neighborhood that would be interested in coming out," McIvor said.

His neighbors encouraged him to set up shop in his driveway and create his now mobile burger pop-up called Proudly Serving.

"Matt has a really strong history and PR so he knows how to get the word out about things and our burgers are awesome," said Proudly Serving co-founder Kevin Malone.

What McIvor would describe as a simple burger, became a smash hit.

"I knew we had something going as soon as we started getting repeat customers," said McIver.


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