Would you try pumpkin spice mac & cheese?

Kraft Dinner is rolling our a pumpkin-spiced version of Mac & Cheese for people who live in Canada

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Thursday, September 24, 2020
Would you try pumpkin spice mac & cheese?
The Eyewitness News Morning team weighs-in on the new pumpkin spice product

NEW YORK (WABC) -- There's a new contender in the pumpkin spice space. Mac and cheese!

Kraft Dinner is rolling out Mac & Cheese in a pumpkin-spiced variety for people in Canada.

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Those who want to give it a taste must sign up on a waiting list at PumpkinSpiceKD.com.

Yes, there's a waiting list.

One thousand lucky people will receive this special, limited edition of Kraft Mac & Cheese complete with a pumpkin-spiced flavor booster and a cinnamon topping.

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They'll also get a personalized mug with their name misspelled to enjoy their meal.

The new product is the innovation of Canada's Rethink, which ran a Heinz Ketchup puzzle campaign during the pandemic to help raise money for Feeding America.

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