Elderly man helps clean neighborhood after Hurricane Matthew

SAVANNAH, Ga. -- Bill Wheeler is 98-years-old and in his Savannah, Georgia neighborhood he's pitching in to help with Hurricane Matthew cleanup.

He says his age is not stopping him one little bit.

He drove around on his tractor, helping neighbors clear their lawns.

He says he once flew military airplanes for a living so - this is nothing. He just really cares about his neighbors.

"Why do it? Because I love them and I think they love me. I could say a lot more but that's it, they're wonderful people, you just don't know, I get choked up, great people. Everybody helps each other out, that's it," he said.

Wheeler's neighbors are not only grateful, they're also inspired.

His 99th birthday is in a few months and he says right now he's hoping he doesn't run out of gas - not him, he jokes, but the tractor. null
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