Yasiel Puig surprises attendees of a prom at Denver hotel

ByDoug Padilla ESPN logo
Monday, April 25, 2016

DENVER -- Yasiel Puig crashed a party Saturday night, but nobody seemed to mind.

Returning to his downtown Denver hotel after the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Colorado Rockies, he surprised attendees at the Chatfield Senior High School prom. He took photos with party goers and posted some to his Twitter account, @YasielPuig.

One of the photos was with members of the Chatfield baseball team. The school is located near Littleton, Colorado.

Another photo, with a large number of students, contained a message in Spanish that translates to, "After we won, I came to surprise some students at their prom dance."

So did he actually dance?

Somebody asked Puig before he went out for conditioning drills Sunday morning, and he said, "Yes," with a crooked smile.

Puig has had an amusing presence on Twitter this season, one that seems to coincide with his free-and-easy approach to the year so far. His posts have been both humorous and self-deprecating, mentioning multiple times his issue with hitting the cutoff man.

After his eye-opening throw from right field Friday to nail the Rockies' Trevor Story at third base, Puig hit the sarcasm button the following day.