Texas couple claims intruder climbed into their bed

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Monday, November 21, 2016
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A couple says an intruder slipped into their bedroom overnight as they slept.

SPRING, Texas -- Who is this man? Police say he broke into a home in Spring and got into a couple's bed while they were sleeping in it.

Jarred Morris said his girlfriend felt someone in bed next to her early Sunday morning at their home in Legends Creek Drive.

VIDEO: Courtney Fischer reports in Spring

She thought at first it was Morris's son or maybe the cat, but when she saw the intruder slumped down in the corner, Morris chased him away.

"Made his way through the hallway and bolted to the front door," Morris said, adding, "which is kinda odd to me, like he knew the layout of the house already."

Harris County Precinct 3 confirms they are investigating the alleged intruder incident after surveillance images surfaced from Morris's neighbor's house.

Morris told Eyewitness News the same suspect tried getting into two other homes before he successfully broke into his place.

Morris thinks the intruder got in by removing the screen on an open bedroom window and climbing his way into the home.