New Jersey community comes together after firefighters' money stolen

SPRING LAKE HEIGHTS, New Jersey (WABC) -- Spring Lake Heights has about 30 loyal, dedicated volunteers who protect their community and work hard to keep the firehouse afloat, like holding their Christmas tree sales fundraiser.

"There's a handful of guys down here every weekend, lifting trees, putting them on cars - it hurts. For all that work to vanish in front of your eyes like that," said Assistant Chief Casey Williams.

More than a thousand hard-earned dollars were stolen by someone who broke into the facility and took the cash box. Police are reviewing surveillance footage from last weekend when the break-in happened.

"It's just sad we have this happen in a fantastic town with great people," adds Spring Lake Heights Police Chief David Petriken.

The person who did this has to know the kind of people they stole from - people like Joe Tompey. He has been dedicating his life-saving skills to several communities since he was 14 years old. There are also 29 others who are just as dedicated.

Word of the theft has brought up a flurry of help. The local non-profit K-9 Valor showed up.

And so it goes...they're hearing and receiving from the grateful.

"You might have been at their house fire, shoveled their driveway - it's phenomenal," said one firefighter.

The money is vital to make sure they can always answer the call - it's those who may need to call, stepping up.
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