Drone video shows trail of destruction from tornado in Sullivan County, New York

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Monday, April 24, 2023
Drone video shows damage left behind from Sullivan County tornado
Drone video shows the damage left behind after a tornado touched down in Sullivan County, New York.

SULLIVAN COUNTY, New York (WABC) -- A tornado touched down in Sullivan County during Saturday night's storm, weather officials confirmed.

For two hamlets in Sullivan County, on Saturday night, it was much more than a severe thunderstorm. If it felt and acted like a tornado in Roscoe and Callicoon Center -- that is because it was.

The National Weather Service concluded the winds peaked at 115 miles per hour -- making it an EF-2.

Once the storm left and daylight appeared, Clay Banks, 33, took his drone up to assess the damage, The tornado knocked out an entire grove of mature trees in his yard.

"It was probably the craziest weather I've seen in 15 years up here," Banks said.

The tornado took aim at Apple Pond Farm in Caliccoon Center, destroying barns and property. It also sliced the roof of an auto body shop in Roscoe.

There were no deaths or injuries reported.

Hail stretched from South Jersey all the way up to Sullivan County on Saturday. Residents in New York reported ping pong-size ice balls taking free shots at cars.

Utility crews worked through the weekend to repair downed power lines as quickly and safely as possible.

During the height of the storm, Sullivan County officials urged people to stay off the roads in Roscoe and Callicoon Center as trees and power lines were dropping without warning.

Now comes the hefty clean-up process.