Going deep to save the ocean with biologist, explorer Sylvia Earle

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Tuesday, February 1, 2022
Going deep to save the ocean
Meet the woman who lived underwater for two whole weeks.

OAKLAND, Calif. -- National Geographic explorer-in-residence Sylvia Earle found her love for the ocean at an early age and has been making a splash ever since.

"I wanted to be someone who could really immerse myself in the natural world and try to figure things out," said Earle.

As an American marine biologist, explorer, oceanographer, author, and lecturer, Earle is an underwater pioneer who has written more than 150 publications. Her newest book, "Ocean: A Global Odyssey," is out now!

"I had a chance to really take stock of what we know about the ocean, about who we are, where we've come from," explained Earle. "And I had an opportunity with National Geographic to pull together what we know about the ocean and put it together as a book."

Did you know that Earle also serves as an ambassador for Aquarium of the Bay? For decades, she has dedicated her life to ocean conservation.

"Her life itself is a lens or a beacon of hope for those who are aspiring to study," said George Jacob, President & CEO of Aquarium of the Bay.

Earle's work continues to inspire positive change for marine wildlife.

"Every human being has power," said Earle. "We just have to pull together and work toward the common importance of protecting the natural systems through whatever means, whatever voice you have to use it."

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