Sparks fly on 'The Golden Bachelor' Gerry's first 1-on-1 date

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Friday, October 6, 2023
Gerry takes Theresa out for his first one-on-one date on 'The Golden Bachelor'
Gerry chose Theresa for his first one-on-one date on "The Golden Bachelor" on ABC.

NEW YORK -- The 15 women Gerry chose from night one moved into Bachelor Mansion. They were all so happy to pick their rooms, but that excitement started to wane when they realized it's four women in a room, there were bunk beds, and the closets were tiny. Some of the women are in their 70s and have knee replacements so the top bunk could be tricky. The women also talked about how they get up many times of the night to use the bathroom. But, they stayed positive, got some drinks flowing, and started cheering for Gerry...and Social Security.

One Woman Leaves

If you are wondering where Marina is, she decided she needed to leave due to a family situation. You can watch her say goodbye here:

Date Card

Jesse Palmer welcomed the fifteen and dropped off the first date card. One woman asked, "What is that?" Jesse was taken aback, and was like, "Um, it's a date card." It was for Theresa! It read, "Theresa, You're never too old to find love again, Love Gerry." She got ready for her date as the other women cheered, "Happy Birthday!" She worried that she might not be able to find someone she could love like she did with her late husband, Billy. They married when she was just 18 years old. He was drafted during the Vietnam War, he came home to be in his brother's wedding and then they got married with two days notice. She said that before her husband died he told her that, "I hope you find someone. I hope that you do get married again." Aw! She said her husband would tell her to go for it! Susan helped do Theresa's hair and get her ready for her big date. Apparently, she did hair for 35 years! I just love how supportive the women are of one another.

First 1-on-1 Date

Gerry arrived for the date and said he hadn't been this nervous since his first date with his late wife, Toni. He had high hopes for this date. In fact, he said that they might look back and say, this is where it all started. The car he picked her up in had headlights that were intermittently working and things were off to a terrifying and rocky start. Gerry was so nervous to drive in California because the highways are crazy to someone who is used to the Midwest. Also, they are in a convertible and the wind is ruining Theresa's hair (after all of Susan's hard work!). She stayed positive, even though she was scared to death.

Sparks fly for Gerry and Theresa

Gerry told Theresa that her putting her hand on his shoulder reassured him and made him calm. Theresa joked and said, "Your arms feel so good, wow!" He took her to Cadillac Jacks, an old-fashioned diner! He got his start as a restauranteur working serving fries and shakes. At the diner they held hands and it was so cute. Theresa told him that she felt a connection to him right out of the gate. He was very receptive to her and they seem to communicate really well. She told him her past with her husband and it was very similar to Gerry's. Both married their high school sweethearts and both are still coping with the loss of their spouses. Theresa said Billy died because his kidneys failed. He was holding out hope for a transplant but he passed one day when he suddenly took a turn for the worse. Theresa rushed home for work and watched him take his last breaths. So sad! Gerry could relate and they both shared condolences. Theresa's husband passed away almost nine years ago. Gerry said it was the first time he didn't feel like crying about Toni's death when talking to Theresa about it because he was talking to someone who understood. OMG, can we end the show now? I feel like they are perfect for each other. But, is Gerry getting ahead of himself? "I have to tell you, I like you a lot, I really do," he said to Theresa. He said he couldn't believe how hopeful he felt. Theresa said that she would love to travel to Italy and would love for him to learn Italian with her, and he said he was in! Then, Gerry turned the conversation back to hope and said, "You don't stop believing." Theresa said, "Oh, I love that song." And cue the flash mob! A dance broke out and she was blown away. They shared a kiss and then got up to dance! And, I'm crying... they danced over to the rose and he offered it to her in front of the flash mob and she happily accepted it! "You are so loveable!" he said. Wow! Sparks are flying!

Group Date

The next day, Gerry was doing a photo shoot when the women on the group date met up with him. Gerry told them that they were all going to be doing a romance novel cover photo shoot. Franco the photographer, who's been on the show several times, would help the women feel comfortable and have fun. Gerry said he was just looking to keep it lighthearted and see if the women could laugh about the situation. April, Jeanie, and Kathy were up first with "Islands of Desire" and Gerry wore a Fabio-style wig. The "Summer of Love" group was next with their hippie outfits. Leslie was upset she didn't get a '70s outfit, but that group had four women, and "Road to Love" with the biker outfits only had two, so that seemed to be the better choice for her it turned out.

Gerry and Nancy Connect

Last up was the wedding group, and Nancy started to cry. She hadn't had a wedding dress on since she got married. The emotions just flowed out of her. She said the best day of her life was getting married to her husband Mark. He passed away 12 years ago and it still hurts. Gerry asked her what was up, because he was concerned there was a disconnect. She explained and Gerry said he understood and could relate. He said that he was walking past a bakery and smelled cinnamon and his wife used to bake cinnamon balls at Christmas. In that instant, a year ago, it just struck him as hard as it did Nancy with the wedding dress. It was unexpected and that made it feel worse. Nancy said although she was sad, she still felt hopeful and Gerry asked her for a hug. They both felt a bit closer to one another and took a couple of new photos.

Group Date Rose

Heads up, there's a group date rose! Gerry had a great time learning new things about each of the women during their time together. He's getting to know them all on a deeper level. Leslie connected with Gerry by telling him how special he was. Gerry told her she was "like a lava cake" and soft on the inside. She revealed she has two hearing aids too. He whispered something sassy in her ear, and they shared a hug. Leslie refused to say what he whispered. But in the end, Gerry offered Nancy the group date rose and she accepted! "It's important to me to be seen and listened to, and you do both," she told Gerry.

Happy Birthday Gerry!

It's Gerry's birthday! He showed up at Bachelor Mansion and the women weren't in the house, but when he went outside they all surprised him with a party. Susan popped out of a cake! She told Gerry that she made an Italian feast for the women in honor of his birthday. Several women did some dances and little mini dates of playing golf, dancing, wine, and even a piñata. "Natascha, you are a great hugger. That part reminds me of my wife," he told her. Faith wasn't on the group date and she told Gerry that she's sad and worried she was not keeping up with the other ladies. But he seemed to try to reassure her. Joan had a talk with Gerry inside the mansion about her late husband but ended it with a kiss for Gerry on his birthday. He gave Ellen a framed photo of the two of them together from their photo shoot. She felt so special! She says she hasn't felt so special in such a long time.

These rose ceremonies are going to get harder and harder! He's making deeper connections with each of them and it hurts to see someone's bubble of hope popped. Gerry said that they are all his friends now and he appreciates all of them. "I have high, strong feelings for all of you," he said.

Rose Ceremony

1) Theresa (one-on-one date)

2) Nancy (group date)

3) Leslie

4) Joan

5) Edith

6) Ellen

7) Sandra

8) Susan

9) Christina

10) Faith

11) April

12) Kathy

As he handed out the last rose, Gerry started crying. He felt awful breaking the women's hearts! Jesse rubbed Gerry's back, asked if he was ok, and told him, "This is the worst part." Gerry pulled it together and said goodbye to Peggy, Natascha, and Jeanie.

Next Week

Coming up, we'll see Gerry go on a hot air balloon ride and the drama starts to ramp up in the house. Someone says that Gerry is a good kisser and Kathy doesn't want to hear it. It looks like there's a lot of tears headed our way!

"The Golden Bachelor" airs Thursday nights with "Bachelor in Paradise" following on ABC.