Recap: Roses equal hometown dates on this week's 'The Golden Bachelor'

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Friday, October 27, 2023
Gerry gives Faith a very important rose on 'The Golden Bachelor'
Gerry gives out three roses leading to next week's hometown dates on "The Golden Bachelor."

NEW YORK -- We began this week's episode with Leslie crying, and Gerry saying, "I don't want you to feel bad about this." We'll find out later in the episode why Leslie is so emotional.

Cut back to "Bachelor Mansion" where a happier Leslie, Theresa, Susan, and Ellen were dancing in the pool together while Sandra watched on from a lounge chair and Faith was in the kitchen enjoying a snack. These are our final six! Faith feels nervous because they are just one week away from hometowns!

Enter Jesse. He repeats, next week is hometowns. Jesse drops the bomb that only three, THREE of them will be taking Gerry to their hometowns. WHAT?! This is a bombshell. Usually, four women make it to hometowns so that means that Gerry is going to have to eliminate half of the remaining women.

One-on-One with Faith

There's a one-on-one date and a group date this week. The stakes are so high! The date card read, "Faith, you make my heart soar." She was over the moon! Gerry is starting to feel the weight of the responsibility of this week, but nevertheless, he was very excited about his date with Faith. They talked about how hard it is to date online and Faith said that she had some real horror stories. Gerry drove them up to a helicopter! It wouldn't be a "Bachelor" show without a romantic helicopter ride! They flew over "Bachelor Mansion" and the ladies waved at them from the pool below. What a great bunch of women! They are being gracious, but jealousy is starting to creep in for Leslie.

They flew in between the skyscrapers of LA and kissed! Amazingly, they landed in their helicopter on a yacht! Gerry loved it! "It was magical!" Gerry said. They screamed together as they took in priceless moments together. They did so much kissing! (Also, can I just say that these women have such a great fashion sense!)

Big Feelings Back at Bachelor Mansion

Back at the house, Leslie cried as she thought of Faith on the date with Gerry. Ellen asked her if she's having regrets, and Leslie said, "Of course not." But said, "I just wish I didn't feel this way."

Living Large on a Yacht

On the date, Faith and Gerry settled down to a table on the yacht and sat together to enjoy a fruit and veggie platter. Gerry is giddy with Faith. She shared with him that as soon as she saw him she thought, "This could be my person." Gerry said that he thinks she is very talented. Faith said that music soothed her soul. She lived like a homeless teen and didn't have a mother and father. Aw! She said that she has wonderful children and a wonderful life for herself, but she wants to find an emotionally healthy man. "What you bring to the table is something I've never experienced," Faith said. Gerry reassured her that she could give into him and he would never throw anything back in her face. He said he initially felt guilty because he was attracted to her physically but didn't really know her. Now he's even more attracted that he knows her better. He picked up the date rose, which comes with visiting her hometown, and offered it to Faith. She happily accepted! She told him that every time she sees him she falls deeper and deeper. Then they moved into the hot tub and did some more kissing! "A life with Faith could be really amazing. I think she could be the one," Gerry said. Wow!

Faith Returns

The women cheered for Faith who walked in with a rose. She asked them if they wanted to know about the date or would rather she not share. They said they wanted to know. She told them about the helicopter, the yacht, and the hot tub. Ellen was like, "Uh oh, a hot tub on the 'Bachelor' is serious."

Group Date

The next day, Gerry took the other five women to the Santa Monica Pier. He wants to see their inner child come out. They played whack-a-mole, ski ball, the water shooter game, rode the pirate ship, bumper cars, and a roller coaster! Theresa said wanted to tell Gerry that she's falling in love with him.

Theresa Professes Her Love

She walked with Gerry privately and they found a bench so they could sit and have a chat. She told him that she wanted him to meet her family so that he could get to know her better. Gerry admitted that they have had a great connection. Theresa said, "I feel like I can't live without you now. I'm really falling in love with you Gerry, and I feel like we could work." "Oh, We could work, we have so much in common, it's always a joy seeing you, I'm especially touched by the things that you just said," Gerry responded. "I would go on any roller coaster for you," Theresa added. Gerry exclaimed, "Oh come on!" And they kissed! A very, very passionate kiss! Then they rode the Ferris wheel together and did a lot more kissing! Does Gerry feel the same, it seems like he does, but is it just me or is he holding back? He called her the picture of safety and security. But, does she light his fire?

Leslie Reveals Her Feelings

Sandra told Gerry that she's been single for 29 years and that she wants to expand her daughters' families with Gerry's family! Susan told Gerry that she would love for him to meet her family. Leslie said to Ellen that she's going to try to put herself out there. Leslie told him it was so hard being away from him. Gerry joked that he has some bruises from their one-on-one date from her squeezing him so hard on their ATV ride. He told her he wakes up in the night that he wakes up laughing and thinking of her and he wanted to let her know that. She said that seeing Gerry go out with other women brings up feelings of being cheated on from her past relationships and the trauma of "not being chosen." This is the scene we saw at the top of the show. Gerry said, "It's OK, I gotcha." Leslie told Gerry, "I am crazy about you." Leslie said the conversation took a big weight off her shoulders. "I'm happy when I'm with you," Leslie told Gerry. "Then she whispered, "I'm falling in love with you." Gerry said back, "You're my girl." What? Now maybe she's the one!

Gerry is Falling...For Several Women

Gerry seems to be falling for Ellen, Leslie, Faith, Theresa... he has expressed strong feelings for all of these women. There's a hideous group date rose sitting there. I think it's cruddy that they are going to make the ladies go through a rose ceremony when there is only one rose left!

Ellen Gives it Her All

Then, they showed Ellen riding some rides with Gerry, and she said she really wanted Gerry to know her feelings and wanted to say that she loved him again so that he really knew. Ellen said to Gerry, "I can't wait to be a teammate with you." Gerry reiterated all the fun they had. Ellen told Gerry that she was falling for him and that she wants her children and best friend to meet him and that they would all love him! Ellen's emotions overwhelmed her and she cried into Susan's shoulder. He said he needs another day to think about things, he's not ready to hand out the rose. "I can't do it," Gerry said.

Rose Ceremony

Gerry walked into the rose ceremony and explained why he needed some extra time to think things over. "I know that I have the responsibility of holding your hearts in my hands," he said.

1) Faith (one-on-one date)

2) Leslie

3) Theresa

Gerry Says Goodbye To Ellen (and Susan, and Sandra)

Gerry said Theresa's name through tears, and Ellen said, "My God." "That's it," she added. Ellen, Susan, and Sandra were eliminated. They all hugged each other. Sandra and Susan hugged Gerry and said goodbye. Gerry asked Ellen if he could walk her out. "I did everything I could to make the right decision, I hope you stay positive because that's you," he told her. "OK, I gotta go," she said. He put her in the limo, they held hands for a second, and he shut the door. Poor Ellen! She's wonderful and I truly hope she can find a wonderful man to love and love her back one day. "The experience has been one of the best of my life," she said. In the outtakes, the women shared one last group hug before the rose ceremony and had a funny moment together, but I really hope they can stay friends for many years to come. What can you say? They're all such wonderful people!

Next Week

Gerry looks like has fun meeting Theresa, Faith, and Leslie's family. What isn't fun is having to break one of their hearts when he says that he's falling for all three. Who else can't wait to see these hometown dates?

"The Golden Bachelor" airs Thursday nights with "Bachelor in Paradise" following on ABC.