'The Good Lawyer' Kennedy McMann talks about hopes for 'The Good Doctor' spinoff

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Friday, March 10, 2023
Kennedy McMann talks about possible 'The Good Doctor' spinoff
Jennifer Matarese interviews Kennedy McMann about her role on a possible "The Good Doctor" spinoff series.

NEW YORK -- Dr. Shaun Murphy finds himself being sued for malpractice on "The Good Doctor" and who better to help him than "The Good Lawyer."

"The Good Lawyer" is let by Joni DeGroot played by Kennedy McMann, and she has obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

"Joni is a young attorney who works in quite a prestigious law office," McMann said. "However because of her obsessive-compulsive disorder, she's had a bit of a hard time with other people, or rather people have a difficult time with her because of her many rituals and behaviors that she exhibits."

While Dr. Murphy has autism, despite his disorder he is able to treat patients and often figures out complex medical situations a neurotypical person might not have seen.

Like her character, McMann says she also has OCD and finds it very important that the show not portray it as a superpower.

"It's very difficult and I don't think we shy away from that experience for her," McMann said.

If the episode is well received, it would serve as the backdoor pilot for a spinoff of the same name, "The Good Lawyer."

This episode also introduces Felicity Huffman as Janet Stewart, DeGroot's superior at the law firm.

"She's meticulous and so on the ball, such a pleasure to work with, we had a great, great time," McMann said.

Will DeGroot save the day for Dr. Murphy? Find out on the next "The Good Doctor" on Monday, March 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.