This California diner's retro charm is bringing generations together

FRESNO, Calif. -- Classic cars and classic burgers go hand in hand at Triangle Burgers Retro Diner in the Central California city of Fresno.

"You drive by any Triangle and you'll smell the burger," says owner Zahi Saleh. "It's a unique smell and it's not like the regular greasy burger smell like you would smell from like the other guys."

Saleh has kept the 50s and 60s vibe going here.

"Our main goal is to try to bring the older generation with the younger generation together," he says.

Customers sometimes drive over and park their vintage vehicles outside.

"I get people coming in here and doing the twist," Saleh says. "It makes people feel young."

In the video above, reporter Dale Yurong tasted Saleh's favorite items from the menu and spoke to him about the history of the diner.
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