Chicago's "Vaccine Angel" is a 15-year-old freshman in high school

ByZach Ben-Amots Localish logo
Friday, March 19, 2021
Meeting Chicago's 15-year-old "Vaccine Angel"
One teenager on the North Side is managing a team of 50 volunteers who find COVID-19 vaccine appointments for seniors throughout the Chicago area.

CHICAGO -- A team of 50 volunteers have helped over 1,500 Chicago area seniors get signed up for COVID-19 vaccines. They're called the Chicago Vaccine Angels and their leader, Benjamin Kagan, just turned 15 years old.

Kagan, a high school freshman, has developed a daily routine which includes four set times to schedule vaccine appointments for strangers: before school, during lunch, after school, and at the stroke of midnight (when more appointments are posted).

"A lot of people tell me that its crazy that Im not 15," Kagan said. "You know, one woman said Can I talk to your mom?"

Benjamin's parents, Ali and Irv, said their son has always been interested in figuring out systems and problem solving. But this is the biggest impact they've ever seen him make.

"It's just amazing to us that, at 15 years old, he could have such an impact and help so many people and be good at it," Irv Kagan said.

Benjamin said he and his team will remain dedicated to their work until everyone who is eligible can easily get vaccinated. He knows that may take a while.

"You know its a big responsibility, but someone needs to do it," Kagan said.

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