AccuWeather: Meteorologist Jeff Smith breaks down what to expect this summer

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Happy first day of summer!

Today, the northern hemisphere of the earth tilts the most towards the sun at exactly 6:07 am. So we'll have the highest sun position in the sky and also the longest daylight of the year, 15 hours and 5 minutes!

From now on the days will actually start getting shorter again.

After a chilly Spring and frozen Winter, we can expect a bit of everything this summer: heat, humidity, thunderstorms.

Expect a few hot periods, a couple of heat waves, but nothing too persistent.

We're looking at an average number of 90-degree days along the I-95 corridor, including New York City.

Beat the heat with these safety tips:
- Drink plenty of fluids
- Stay in air conditioning
- Stay out of the sun
- Wear lightweight clothing
- Avoid too much exertion
- Check on neighbors and pets

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