'Mini mother heart attack': Video shows moment beach umbrella nearly strikes toddler

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. -- As a mother was filming her 21-month-old playing on the beach, a gust of wind brought the sharp tip of a beach umbrella within inches of her son.

"A flying umbrella almost flipped our world upside down," Ashton Duggan told ABC News, adding that the moment made her feel like she was having a "mini mother heart attack."

Fortunately, little Henry Duggan was unharmed, but near-misses like this incident are not isolated, and beach umbrellas do pose a risk.

Beach umbrellas have impaled and severely injured people, and at least once this type of incident has even turned deadly.

Lifeguards say that it's important to consider the weather before you set up an umbrella. If it's too windy, don't set it up.

If you do set up your umbrella, make sure it's at least 16 inches into the ground. You can make it deep enough using a shovel, or you can rock it back and forth to drive it in.

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