'Good Morning America' reporter Will Reeve shares advice after appearing pantsless on TV

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Friday, May 1, 2020
'Good Morning America' reporter Will Reeve shares advice after audience catches him pantsless
"Good Morning America" audiences caught ABC News correspondent Will Reeve going pantsless on air.

NEW YORK -- It finally happened, America: An employee working from home was caught going pantsless during a video call.

Yet, this unfortunate employee was ABC News correspondent Will Reeve, and his blunder was seen by millions of Americans watching on "Good Morning America" Tuesday.

Although Reeve wore a dress shirt and blazer for his segment on drones delivering prescriptions, the "GMA" TV audience noticed his bare legs peeking out at the bottom of their TV screens.

Because he doesn't have his own cameraperson, Reeve said he had to set up the shot himself.

"A headline reminder: For anyone who's using Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, anything with a camera, make sure you frame your shot," Reeve said the next day on "GMA."

Reeve said he was not completely pantsless on live TV; he was wearing gym shorts in preparation for his post-work workout. "GMA" Anchor George Stephanopoulos also admitted that he's worn shorts on live TV too.

"My camera was just a little bit higher," Stephanopoulos joked.

Reeve said he tries to take life seriously, but not himself, so he was able to have a good laugh at this situation.

"I don't want anyone to think that I don't respect and love my job, but I've had a lot of fun ... and I'm a lousy camera operator," he said.