'Wish' marks 100 years of Disney Studios with original new animated musical

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023
'Wish' marks 100 years of Disney Studios with original new musical
Sandy Kenyon has more on the new Disney movie.

NEW YORK -- A new animated movie called "Wish" is the one feature chosen to mark the 100th anniversary of Disney Studios.

The epic musical is designed to pay tribute to Disney's storied history and look ahead to the century ahead.

Ads for "Wish" note the picture was "a hundred years in the making" and it stars Oscar winner Ariana DeBose and Chris Pine.

The meet and greet is always easier when you like the movie and "Wish" definitely cast a spell on me.

The chance to see it with young kids made watching it even more enchanting.

"Once upon a time stood Rosas: a most magical kingdom," the movie trailer said.

There we find Asha who is hoping to get her grandfather's wish granted on his 100th birthday.

"So I look up at the stars to guide me, and throw caution to every warning sign," DeBose sang as Asha, the star of "Wish."

"It's an original new musical with seven original songs, and an incredible diverse cast," she said.

Two from the cast joined her at a Manhattan screening.

Victor Garber plays Asha's grandfather, and Chris Pine lends his voice to "King Magnifico" who supposedly grants the wishes of his subjects.

"I decide what everyone deserves!" King Magnifico said in "Wish."

"This is about the beauty of being a child and believing in your wish and protecting your wish, and knowing that if I hold onto this wish as tightly as possible, it can possibly come true," Pine said.

His character is no help.

The king seems kind at first, then quickly turns dark and diabolical, but hope, comes in a tiny package.

"I think it has all the themes of great Disney films and great fairy tales," Pine said.

"Wish" marks the 100th anniversary of Disney Studios.

"Young kids get to see themselves, and that's amazing," DeBose said.

Their parents will appreciate the many nods to Disney's storied history.

"Thanks for not eating me, John. Don't mention it Bambi," a line in the movie said.

It's a glance at the past, while looking ahead to a more inclusive future.

"It's such a beautiful, multicultural space, and even though it's animated, I think it's just so worthy to see that model," DeBose said.

"Wish" is in theaters now from Walt Disney Animation Studios, owned by the same parent company as ABC 7, and it's the perfect attraction for the long Thanksgiving weekend, especially if you're looking to entertain your kids.