Giuliani in financial trouble?

Behind The News
January 11, 2008 12:38:40 PM PST
It was always a bold, outside-the-box strategy, thinking that a candidate could take a low profile in the first few primaries and then, a month down the road, suddenly emerge the front runner after the bigger states are heard from. But no one would ever accuse Rudy Giuliani of being conventional. He registered a blip in the Iowa caucuses. Ditto in New Hampshire (even though he spent $3 million on TV ads in The Granite State).

Now he's apparently in a bit of a money jam - cash flow is tight and many of his top staff are reportedly working for free.

The spin is admirable -- no problem, says his campaign manager, who is now a volunteer campaign manager. But this news - like the news about his former police commissioner getting indicted, or the news about his son not supporting his campaign, or the news about his former mistress getting an NYPD security detail while Giuliani was still married, or the (fill in the blank) -- all that is not what a candidate for President wants in the middle of a campaign.

And now, on the heels of the money problems, comes another bit of bad news for Giuliani. The latest opinion poll shows him statistically tied with John McCain in Giuliani's home state of New York.

Meanwhile, the Republicans aren't the only ones shooting themselves, figuratively. There are many Democrats who talk about a dream team ticket of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama; no one offers which one would run for President and which for Vice President, but it's hard to argue that in a year in which the top two Democratic Party candidates are a woman and an African American, that teaming them together wouldn't make for a powerful combination.

Just one problem of course: this campaign has left these two candidates clearly bitter with each other. And now Bill Clinton -- once so popular among African Americans that many of them called him "the first black President" -- today had to defend himself to Rev. Al Sharpton for calling the Obama campaign "a fairy tale."

Sheesh - the stuff is flying.

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