Kmart fined $1.5 million

Violated price tag law
April 2, 2008 5:09:15 AM PDT
Kmart is facing a more than $1.5 million fine after an administrative law judge found the retail giant flouted a Westchester County law requiring price tags on all items.Kmart is owned by Sears Holdings Corp. Spokeswoman Kim Freely says the company plans to appeal the fine, which the county announced Tuesday.

County inspectors found that roughly half the merchandise in the chain's Yorktown and Greenburgh stores wasn't marked during two visits in October. Inspectors flagged 1,564 items in all.

Administrative law judge Jay Howard imposed the maximum fine, $1,000 per item.

County officials say the price-tag law helps customers make sure their items are rung up correctly. Kmart has argued that the law is vague, and the fine is excessive.