Getting organized for school

September 7, 2008 4:34:58 AM PDT
Now that your children are back in school, it's time to get organized for a successful year. That means scheduling your time wisely. Katlean De Monchy, a consumer trends expert and mom, joined Eyewitness News this morning with some tips for parents and their children.

Tips to save time and money:

  • Schedule:

  • Get everyone's schedule (mom, dad and kids) on track and in sync, so you don't miss school deadlines, activities, events, etc.
  • Keep your master schedule on the computer; Microsoft Student organizer allows for multiple schedules on screen, cross referencing.
  • Another idea to keep on schedule is a multiple alarm system: get an alarm you can set to multiple times. Set the alarm to wake up, finish breakfast, to get kids off to school.
  • Have kids set multiple alarm times on their cell phones (kids today more likely to wake up, pay attention to cell phone call, than alarm). Most cell phones can handle up to four different times to ring, with different rings for each.

  • Multi-task cooking: Get meals ready while you're at work, at kids activities, etc. with a slow cooker on a timer. It can save time and money. Make your own coffee using a coffeemaker with timer and you can save money at the same time.

  • Organize: Use an over-the-door organizer for clothes that saves space (especially important for New Yorkers) and lets you pre-hang 5 days worth of clothes. This helps avoid rushed morning struggle to get kids dressed.

  • Clean your home quickly, easily and kill allergens at the same time with the latest home tech cleaning tools like the Oreck hypo-allergenic vacuum. It can also help cut back on sick days.

  • Organize kids' books and homework with a small ottoman that doubles as a chair for kids to do homework. It serves as a storage space and avoids searching for misplaced books and homework.


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